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Who Do I Talk To For Help?

If you follow our Quickstart guide, your account will be setup properly. If you have any challenges or questions, we are here for you.

Support Email

You are welcome to contact us with your questions at and we will get back to you with an answer. If your question is too complicated to answer via email, someone from our support staff may set up some time to have a call to help solve your problems.

"Office Hours" Webinars

LIVE Wicked Reports Office Hours - Monday - Friday
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Your Hosts
Andy Nadler, COO, Wicked Reports
Chris Stelzer, Wicked Data Specialist

Andy and Chris host the "Office Hours" Webinar every day. Be sure to join and get the answers to all of your Wicked Reports Questions.

This is a LIVE webinar with Wicked Reports to provide you access to our Tracking Technology Specialists. Join us, and we can analyze whatever challenge you are facing with your tracking in Wicked Reports. Are you having an issue with your tracking? Are the Attribution models confusing? Are you using a new technology for your business and want to know if it will affect your tracking? Please join us, and we can answer all your questions.

Why Attend?

- Our Tracking Technology Specialists answer your specific questions.
- Make sure you have everything you need to set up Wicked Reports
- Get tips on how to best use Wicked Reports
- Hear about new features that Wicked Reports will be releasing or has recently released

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FAQ and Help Documents

Here is the link to our full set of help documents and answers to the most common questions.

Reach Us By Telephone - (781) 797-0807